School Management System:

School, academic and administrative control to schools, technical institutes, schools and kindergartens. Does any educational system in Saudi Arabia.

Total School to manage more than 60 academic and administrative procedures such as registration, assignment schedules, control absenteeism, school transcript, generating academic journals, payment management, email notification delivery, management of school bus .. and more!

As a tool, the goal of Total School is to manage internal processes optimizing communication among managers, teachers, students and parents to provide statistical information on these processes and facilitate decision-making in the management of the school.

How It Works:

The SMS – School Management System – Is highly professional software designed to meet the ever-growing needs of any school and college. The Software is divided into several modules which are Student’s Admission, Institution’s Account, Report Cards and Administration. The system has a system administrator module for security management.

Our Desktop and Cloud School management software application is perfect for all schools around the globe and we maintain different versions for different countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom & UAE. Our software versions are further categorized in to single and multi-branch schools. We have a complete turnkey solution for enterprise organizations in schooling which enable those to control all the branches from central branch management system. The system also has a very rich reporting for top level management to get summarized data from all the branches.

The application provides views for admins, employees, teachers, students and parents to manage and utilize the features of the system.